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VIsual Problems

It Doesn't Work

Common Issues With DASK

Here are the top 4 things that users get a little stuck with that cause a little bit of frustration, but it’s an easy fix, just follow the steps below.

I have no content.

Pull down to refresh content on any screen in the App, the speed of your internet will determine how quickly it refreshes.

I’m A Staff Vlogger and Can’t See any of the users questions

Welcome to the team, contact to local media team to get your account upgraded  so you can get access to the additional features.

I’m not RECEIVING A login email

To log into the App you need to be able to receive email that comforts you are you. So the device you need to log into the App need to recieve email from that account. 

APP Want Launch

The DASK App is built for Apple IOS11+ and Android Marshmallow+ if your device runs an older operating system you will need to update to use the App.  .