About DASK

DASK is a safe place to ask questions, and to hear responses from other users, as well we from the vloggers (Youth for Christ Professional Youth workers)

a free peer-to-peer vlogging app for young people to ask questions about life, faith, God and the Bible, and to hear what other young people think. 

The heart of Dare to Ask is to enable honest responses to  honest questions, where Christian YFC vloggers share their kingdom wisdom via 90 second videos, and these responses are shaped through an approach of ‘this is what I’ve found helpful as I’ve thought through the same question you’ve asked and as I’ve read the bible and talked to God and chatted with my friends…’

Personalize to your country

DASK is uniquely personalized to each individial nation focusing on keeping spiritual conversations alive. Yet maintaining a simplistic design approach with gamification principles to increase user retention and engagement.



Whilst there are lots of “Got Questions” style sites and resources, there are none that are peer-to-peer, and none that are vlog-based. In building DASK, we are also not wanting to tightly control the content – other than to discourage inappropriate words and bullying. Any attempt to control or manipulate content will be an instant turn-off. Because we are building a community of vloggers located around the world, DASK is uniquely global – All questions are answered by staff within a nation so content is language and culturally focused.

Dask Team

The Console

The Console

An Introduction The console is a powerful tool that gives you access to all sorts of useful things including questions, answers, users, and more. This is also where you can upgrade users to vloggers.Login Logging into the console is a two (2) step process. You will...



On Air All of the things you need to moderate and answer questions is in the on air section. Get to the on air section by clicking on the on air sign above the door in the lounge. If you cannot see the on air section as a vlogger then please contact an admin. view...



An Introduction Users are the heart of DASK and we would not have an app without them. This webpage tells you about several of the main components DASK has for users. Download DASK  Download DASK by searching DASK on the appstore or following one of the links for your...


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We are continuously looking at how we can improve the user experience for both our user and vLogger communities.
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